When we enter into this dynamic relationship of 'shared family farm' we become a community. We are very grateful that you put your trust in us and in return we offer a special thanks to all who are helping us in the creation of the farm.

We feel that when a community of people forms there is an opportunity to support each other; through sharing a meal together, celebrating life, working side by side, sharing wisdom and visions for the future.

Our community has many talented creative visionary members, and we are in the midst of developing a blog where you can let our community know about yourself - everything from the recipes you are using to cook the vegetables that come to your table to the places where you work and the ways you are supporting this coming new age of values with integrity.

We would like to give a special thanks to the teams that have worked on our farm:
interns: Mike, Brian, Jen, Daniel, Will, Jessica, Luom, Jeffrey, Aaron, Sarah, Nathaniel, Donna, Heather, Peter, Jill, Lisa, Dave, Josh, Andy, Lindsey, Joelle, Kirti, Andrew, Lucy and Morgan.
volunteers: too many to mention...
and of course family and friends!

Also, to Jim and Kathleen who helped us with every step of building our house and Matt who filled in many gaps.

Our beautiful logo and website was lovingly designed by Emma, Mandy and Harriet the spring of 2009. And each and every reusable bag was stitched with care by Bev.

We are learning much about herbal medicines from our friend Suki Roth. Suki is a well known herbalist in our area. Her herbal preparations are available in local stores.

Last, but certainly not least, our deep gratitude to all of our farmers' markets patrons and CSA subscribers who have eaten our produce and enjoyed our flowers and to those who have come here to help plant, weed and harvestÂ… each one adding their love and energy to the farm.

We hope that there will be many ways to continue these connections, grow deeper in relationship and continue in all of our many ways to heal the earth!

Thank you for choosing Beausol Gardens and Sanctuary!