I just wanted you to know that everything has been great this summer. …The 'maters are fantastic and the zinnias last a long time. Can't wait for peppers!!
- Barbara

We are no longer taking memberships for the 2013 CSA season.

Beausol Gardens was founded in 1997 when Harry and his first wife, Julie, and their daughter moved from Raleigh to the farm and cleared a quarter acre family garden where they raised their own food naturally. Through the years they rejuvenated the soil, their agricultural skills improved and the garden flourished and began producing so many vegetables that the extras were taken to farmer's markets. In 2003, after Julie died, Harry took a huge leap of faith, quit his off-farm job, started farming full time and continued homeschooling his teenage daughter. The following year he added a small CSA to the farmers' market sales.

In, 2004, Harry married Deb and they joined their two families, now numbering five children.

Together their vision for the farm has grown. They cleared new fields, redesigned the gardens and expanded and improved the infrastructure of the farm. Harry built a barn with walk-in cooler, kitchen, bathroom and attached greenhouses and together, they built and oversaw the construction of a passive-solar home for their new family. The Beausol Gardens CSA has provided food for over one hundred families throughout the Triangle each year.

Beausol Gardens' practices were Certified Organic from 2002 through 2005. Though we are no longer certified, we are still using the same growing techniques and have added biodynamic methods to enhance them.

We decided to drop our Organic Certification for several reasons. Chief among them was the realization that the time and money we spent documenting many minor details of our operation were better used in the field. We realized one main reason for certification was to be able to sell "Organic" to retailers (stores and restaurants and exporters) which we do not do. We still keep many of the same records we did when certified. We still do ALL the field practices required by the organic rules (plus Biodynamic methods): we do them because it is the "spirit of the law" that guides us, because it is the "right thing" and because we believe that "organic methods" are a better, healthier way to grow and live. By the way, "Beausol" is "pretty soil" in French. Thus are we bound to uphold our livelihood and stewardship.

We also believe it is most important to sell and eat locally. It is more important to know where your food comes from and who grows it. We want to meet the folks we nourish, talk with them, explain our methods, invite them to see where their food originates and establish a personal relationship with them.

Lastly, we define our farming methods as sustainable not just because we strive to be environmentally friendly, economically viable and socially beneficial. We hope that our practices will improve and enhance the soil, our lives and the lives of all those who eat our food, enjoy our flowers, live nearby and visit Beausol Gardens & Sanctuary. We hope these improvements will reverberate widely in the community and into the future.

The farm's mission has matured and has expanded to contain a space for healing within nature: Deb's spirit-centered counseling practice, Beausol Sanctuary.

    Our aim is
  • To support our family, farm and community by growing nutritious food and beautiful flowers using natural and biodynamic practices.
  • To offer others the opportunity to learn, grow and heal within the sacred space of our farm.
  • To steward the farm as a living organism and to be in respectful relationship with its every aspect.
  • To live according to the principles of abundance, generosity, service and simplicity.
  • To continually learn from examples in nature and let it be our guide towards improving our lives.
  • To teach our children, our interns and our community about the techniques and practices that we are using on the farm and to learn from others about their successes in natural spirit-based farming.
  • To have an open dialogue with others about expanding and continuing practices that will impact and heal the earth locally and, by extension, globally.
  • To preserve our farm for future generations of sustainable, holistic, biodynamic spirit-based living.