"Where the flowers bloom so does hope." ~ Lady Bird Johnson

"...the flowers were amazing! We absolutely loved them and got so many compliments from others. They fit our vision perfectly and made the space beautiful and inviting." ~ Jana

Flowers describe themselves by their fragrance, color, delicacy and their complexity. They heal us when we eat them, take in their essence or by the joy they bring when we see them and breathe them in.

We grow over 70 varieties of flowers here at Beausol Gardens. They are integrated with herbs, vegetables and are used as part of the perennial garden landscape, to attract beneficial insects, feed birds and even used to repel deer and other "pests."

Part of biodynamic farming is planting so that things complement and benefit each other. Did you know that garlic likes roses or that nasturtium repels the squash bug? Perhaps you have seen marigolds planted around the edge of the garden to aid and protect it? Sunflowers will provide shade for vegetables grown beneath them. Fragrant dill is not only tasty, it also attracts beneficial insects such as bees and small predatory wasps and aids cabbages and looks beautiful in airy bouquets with saponaria, bachelor buttons and larkspur.

Yes, Harry has even named some of our honeybees and Deb does talk to the flowers.

All of the flowers and herbs are here for you to enjoy. You can find our flowers at our booth at the Durham Farmers' Market or order custom seasonal bouquets.