Counselor and Ordained Minister

In 2003, I graduated from New Seminary of New York, New York, and was ordained an Interfaith Minister. During seminary we studied the world's religions in order to serve all people. We trained in spirit-centered counseling and also explored the meaning of service in a changing world.

Prior to Seminary my spiritual search had led me to study various religious beliefs and practices within Christianity, Quakerism, Buddhism and Sufism and to find their common themes of love, faith, generosity, abundance, stewardship and community. Of course, my personal spiritual practice was raising my four children and working and volunteering for several non-profit organizations.

In recent years I have had the opportunity to focus my time and energies on growing cut flowers and herbs and arranging them for the bouquets from our organic farm. This time in nature has offered me a continued growing connection to spirit and a deepening of my faith through the wisdom of abundance and creation that nature exemplifies.

I offer counseling based on my belief in the inherent goodness and beauty of life and the evolving insights that create wholeness and health. On occasion I also officiate at weddings, rites of passage and memorial services.